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Lutz Injury Lawyer

Despite what TV commercials imply, if you are injured in an accident, the insurance company is not “on your side.” In 2019, these companies collected almost $2 trillion in premiums. As such, they have almost unlimited resources to fight injury claims. Insurance company lawyers have only one goal. They seek to reduce or deny compensation in any way possible.

No private attorney can possibly match these resources. But the dedicated Lutz injury lawyers at the Rinaldo Law Group have something no insurance company lawyer has. We are dedicated to individual victims. That commitment drives us to do better and try harder. Therefore, we fight for your legal and financial rights. We aren’t satisfied with anything less than the best possible results under the circumstances.

Matters We Handle

At the Rinaldo Law Group, we primarily focus on the rights of injury victims. We understand how quickly, and how completely, an unexpected and sudden injury can turn life upside down. That’s especially true in areas like:

  • Car Wrecks: Vehicle collisions are among the most serious and most complex personal injury claims in Georgia. The serious injuries these victims sustain, such as head injuries, are normally permanent. Furthermore, there are a number of ways that insurance company lawyers can reduce or even deny compensation to victims.
  • Falls: Each year, falls send more victims to Georgia Emergency Rooms than any other kind of personal injury. Once again, the injuries are serious, especially if the victim has a pre-existing condition, and the claims are legally complex, mostly because property owners don’t have the same duty of care in all cases.
  • Dog Bites: The average animal attack financial settlement amount has increased significantly since 2007. Today, doctors better understand the injuries these incidents cause, and doctors also know how to address them. This knowledge comes at a price, as dog bite medical costs have gone up substantially.
  • Truck Wrecks: Since Atlanta is a large, regional transportation hub and the Peachtree State has several busy Atlantic ports, large trucks criss-cross most parts of Georgia. When these massive vehicles cause crashes, the resulting injuries are usually catastrophic.

Professional negligence, especially medical malpractice, is a serious issue in Georgia as well. Doctors misdiagnose about 20 percent of their patients. Furthermore, in busy operating rooms and delivery rooms, hurried doctors often make tragic errors. Because physicians have such a high duty of care, these errors are usually negligent.

Compensation in a negligence case usually includes money for economic losses, such as medical bills, and noneconomic losses, such as pain and suffering.

Our Approach

After your free initial consultation, our Lutz injury lawyers develop a theory of the case. In our experience, if we know where we are going, it’s easier to get there.

Next, the real work begins. We diligently collect evidence which supports your claim. Normally, this evidence includes items like the police accident report and witness statements. An attorney must evaluate this evidence, because sometimes this proof holds up in court and sometimes it doesn’t. Electronic evidence, like video camera surveillance footage, is often important as well.

Part of the evidence-collection process includes anticipating insurance company defenses. Many of the people on our professional team are insurance industry veterans. So, we know how these lawyers think, and we can stay one step ahead of them.

Finally, we resolve your claim as quickly as possible. Most injury claims settle out of court. However, we never take the first offer or the easy way out. Instead, since we know how much your case is worth, we work to ensure maximum compensation.

Count On a Dedicated Hillsborough County Injury Lawyer

If you were seriously injured because of someone else’s negligence, the insurance company’s lawyers are determined to reduce or deny compensation. So, you need an experienced Lutz injury attorney from the Rinaldo Law Group on your side. Call us today for a free consultation.

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