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Tampa Negligent Security Lawyer

Negligent Security

Property owners are responsible for the safety and security of all visitors that step foot on their premises. Whether it be a residential, retail or corporate property, the individual/s in possession of the property are responsible for injuries and/or fatalities.

If an accident occurs due to a maintenance or management issue, property managers and/or owners can be found guilty of negligence and therefore incur the costs of any medical expenses, compensation for pain, suffering, time away from work (lost wages) and potential funeral expenses.

If an accident occurs, and a property is found to be a safety hazard or has failed necessary inspections, the question of foreseability (or whether the property owner knew or should have known of the security issues) becomes a focal area of consideration. Through the use of statistics, expert witnesses, and property records and photographs, the Rinaldo Law Group is equipped to help clients obtain not only maximum financial recovery, but also maximum emotional recovery as well. Contact our experienced Tampa negligent security lawyers today for more information.

Negligent security includes malfunctions of lighting, locks, and security systems. Catherine Rinaldo’s thorough knowledge of liability laws aid in proving when a property owner should have been aware of danger, but failed to act resulting in catastrophic harm. With both the experience and expertise in this niche area, clients can feel confident and assured that their wellbeing is considered during the litigation process.

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The Rinaldo Law Group is dedicated toward helping their clients during times of need. Whether it be you or a loved one, our law team strives to improve the safety of its clients and community daily.

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