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Riverview Child Injury Lawyer

Special Expertise Dealing with Injuries to Children

Injuries to children can be emotionally devastating for parents and present a lifetime of challenges or lost opportunities for young people just starting out in life. Catherine Rinaldo and the Rinaldo Law Group has abundant experience working with parents and children as she represents minors who have been injured in car accidents, playground falls, or other accidents caused by a responsible party’s negligence. All personal injury cases are different, and cases involving injured children in particular must be approached in a particular way for success. Our Riverview child injury lawyers know about these special considerations and are experienced in handling the unique issues which arise in childhood injury cases. Learn more about our personal injury legal practice below, and call our office for a no-cost, confidential consultation if your child has been injured by the negligence of another.

Special Factors when Dealing with Injuries to Children

Injuries that occur to a still-developing body or brain have far different consequences than the same injuries to an adult, because of the effects they can have on future development. Additionally, being of a smaller size, children are more apt to suffer more traumatic injuries in the same car accident or other incident as adults. The younger children are, the less able they are to protect themselves in the moment, to have the developed reflexes to react quickly enough or to appreciate the danger and know what to do to react appropriately.

Our experience representing injury victims with brain injuries and other catastrophic injuries gives us the understanding and ability to address the special needs children with similar injuries face over the course of a lifetime. Besides the different nature and extent of injuries to children, the rules which apply when minors are involved are often different. For instance, Florida laws on comparative negligence may differ when applied to children of a certain age. It takes a knowledgeable and experienced attorney to be aware of these nuances and apply the law correctly to the facts of each case. We help children injured in any type of accident, including:

  • School and Playground Accidents
  • Swimming and Boating Accidents
  • Car Accidents
  • Pedestrian Accidents
  • Attractive Nuisance
  • Lack of Adequate Supervision

Get Immediate Assistance after a Riverview Child Injury

If your child was harmed by the negligence of another, make sure you get the compensation you need to ensure your child gets the best care. Call the Rinaldo Law Group at 813-831-9999 for a free consultation with a compassionate and dedicated Riverview child injury lawyer.

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