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Westchase Wrongful Death Lawyer

When someone else’s negligence causes a loved one to die, no amount of money can possibly make up for that loss. It’s almost insulting to imply that such a substitution is possible. However, since no one can reverse the accident, survivors must turn to the next best thing, which is financial compensation. Frequently, the available compensation fulfills one of the deceased person’s final wishes, which was for the survivors to move on with their lives.

The experienced Westchase wrongful death lawyers at the Rinaldo Law Group routinely handle these matters in Hillsborough County and nearby jurisdictions. So, we have developed proven methods which yield maximum compensation in these cases. Our vast experience and positive reputation usually enables us to settle these claims out of court, and on victim-friendly terms.

Kinds of Wrongful Death

Unintentional actions, or inactions, kill hundreds of thousands of Americans every year. For the most part, the events leading up to the wrongful death were a tragic mistake. Whether they are tragic or not, we must all accept responsibility for the mistakes we make. If everyone did that, Florida would be a better place to live.

Here is a list of most of the wrongful death accidents that our Westchase wrongful death lawyers handle in Florida:

  • Unintentional Poisonings: Drug overdoses, mostly opioid painkiller overdoses, have risen from almost nothing in the 1990s to become the leading cause of injury-related death in Florida. When tragedies of this magnitude occur, there is usually plenty of blame to go around. So, these wrongful death claims are quite complex.
  • Falls: Slip-and-fall incidents kill tens of thousands of Americans every year. Most of these victims have pre-existing conditions, such as a previous fall or osteoporosis, which aggravate the fall injury. Typically, insurance companies cannot use a victim’s vulnerabilities as an excuse to reduce or deny compensation.
  • Motor Vehicle Collisions: Today’s cars and trucks are much safer than the ones which rolled off the assembly line in the 1990s. Today’s vehicles are also much heavier and faster than those 1990s cars and trucks. So, the vehicle collision fatality rate hasn’t changed much since then.

An unexpected illness could be fatal as well. Frequently, medical malpractice is involved in these situations. For example, a busy doctor could prescribe the wrong type or amount of medication.

Your Claim for Damages

Like most injury claims, most wrongful death claims settle out of court. Frequently, however, the path to an out of court settlement is different.

The possible amount of compensation is one of the biggest differences. Florida law typically limits wrongful death claimants to pecuniary losses, such as:

  • Funeral and burial costs,
  • Lost future financial support,
  • Medical bills related to the decedent’s final illness or injury,
  • Lost future emotional support, and
  • Decedent’s pain and suffering.

Survivors might also be eligible for compensation for their own grief and suffering, through a separate claim like negligent infliction of emotional distress. Additionally, if the victim was a small child, the parents might automatically be eligible for such compensation.

Speaking of children, it’s very difficult to calculate damages like lost future emotional support in these situations. Therefore, most attorneys partner with accountants, psychologists, and other outside professionals.

Reach Out to an Experienced Hillsborough County Wrongful Death Lawyer

Accident victims are entitled to fair compensation for their serious injuries. For a free consultation with an experienced Westchase wrongful death attorney, contact the Rinaldo Law Group. We do not charge upfront legal fees in these matters.

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