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Be Safe When Finding Outdoor Fun During The Pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic has left a great number of people at loose ends. Parents are furloughed or working from home, while children are out of school for summer, but have been out for far longer than usual. More and more, families are trying to stay entertained and keep their spirits up by venturing outdoors for some family fun. However, this is not a reason to let your guard down when it comes to the possibility of accidents. If you or one of your family members are injured in an outdoor accident, knowing your options is crucial.

Some Things Are Similar 

Despite the very real threat posed by the novel coronavirus, it is still very possible to enjoy activities with your family, especially outside, where the virus is allegedly more difficult to transmit between each other. Boating, bicycling or hiking, walking in a park, or going swimming at the beach can be a refreshing breath of literal and metaphorical fresh air, though of course, posted rules and regulations must be followed, such as engaging in social distancing where possible and wearing face-masks.

Like always, it is important to keep in mind that the same standard rules of negligence apply if you are injured while engaging in any of these activities. A person or entity can be held liable for negligence if you were injured by someone’s failure to exercise due care. For example, if a hiking trail is poorly labeled and you fall and injure yourself, you may be able to sue the owner or maintainer of the trail for your injuries. Any situation where a business owner or operator can be shown to have not exercised reasonable care for their customers may give rise to potential liability – though a government entity is more difficult to file suit against given their partial immunity from suit (referred to as sovereign immunity).

Are Business Owners Liable For COVID Cases?

No matter what type of activity your family chooses to engage in during the pandemic, it is important to understand that currently, the prevailing attitude is that anyone who leaves their home is essentially assuming an inherent level of risk. Normally, if someone gets injured or sick due to another person’s negligence, they may be able to file suit using standard procedure. When it comes to COVID-19, however, the questions of negligence and liability are much more unclear, simply because it is currently not possible to truly understand the virus’ level of contagion. It would be unfair and inequitable to, for example, hold a business owner liable for a customer contracting COVID-19 if it is found that the business owner took every reasonable precaution.

That said, in recent weeks, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Republican legislators have also signaled support for legislation shielding business owners from liability for COVID-related cases. It is worth keeping an eye on this process, as it should affect your choices going forward – if you know that you cannot recover for negligence if you contract COVID-19 due to a business owner’s negligence, it may affect the number of activities outside your home that seem safe for you and your family. Safety obviously must come first.

Call A Tampa Personal Injury Lawyer

The world is a confusing and concerning place nowadays, and it can be very difficult to find a balance between safety and living life to the fullest. If you have been injured during an outdoor activity while trying to find some summer fun during the pandemic, calling a Tampa personal injury lawyer is a good idea. The Rinaldo Law Group is here for our clients, and we will work hard to be there for you. Contact our offices for a free consultation.





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