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Can I Hold A Florida Rehab Center Liable For Negligence?


For a variety of reasons, Florida has become somewhat of a mecca for rehab centers and sober homes, with addicted people seeking out the Sunshine State and enjoying the area while they focus on getting their lives together. However, what many do not know is that not all Florida rehab facilities are created equal; some are dedicated to helping their patients conquer the disease of addiction, and others are simply interested in getting bodies in the door to use as cash cows. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell if your facility is truly above board. An experienced attorney may help to clarify matters.

The “Florida Model” Of Drug Treatment

When substance abuse centers began to flock to Florida, most of their owners’ intentions were good. However, the way Florida regulates centers and sober homes permitted what came to be known as the “Florida model” of addiction treatment: instead of keeping addicted people in one space, with medical professionals they can trust, they are shunted from place to place, in some cases even being encouraged to use drugs. The reason for this is because facility owners and operators can bill insurance for every test or procedure they do (and even some that are never performed!) and retain the profits. The fate of the addicted people involved matters not at all. This is healthcare fraud and is now prosecuted aggressively by state & federal authorities – but it also may equal negligence, which is a civil tort.

Another common way that rehab centers exploit people with drug and alcohol addictions is via a behavior known as patient brokering. Now banned in Florida, patient brokering was essentially paying a fee for each referral obtained, without any attention paid to the best interests of the patient in question. This practice also involves moving patients unceremoniously to new facilities where they may not get the care they need. If you are a patient at a substance abuse rehab center, and you have been shuttled from facility to facility instead of being able to remain where you went in the first place, this may be a red flag that your facility is unethical or corrupt.

A Duty Of Care Exists

If you are in need of a substance abuse rehab facility in Florida, the most important thing is that you should feel safe and well cared for within its confines. It is crucial to understand that rehab centers and treatment centers are, at least nominally, medical facilities, and they do have a duty to exercise care for the people they have taken in their charge. Just like with a hospital or a nursing home, a rehab center can be held liable for injuries or fatalities that happen because of the negligence of their staff.

It may sometimes be difficult to hold a rehab center accountable, either because no witnesses to the negligent behavior exist or because you may believe that you somehow deserve such treatment – our society paints addicts as leeches or drains on society, and it can be hard not to buy into such beliefs. You are worthy of help. You are worthy of being treated like a human being. You have the right to seek compensation for what you have been through.

Contact A Tampa Rehab Center Negligence Attorney

Having the strength to seek out a rehab center to help with a substance abuse addiction is a difficult thing for many. However, once you have sought out help, you deserve to get it – abuse or negligence in a rehab facility deserves to be called out and punished. A Tampa treatment center negligence attorney from the Rinaldo Law Group will work hard to protect your rights and ensure you have the best chance to receive compensation for what you have been through. We are ready and willing to ensure that your story is heard. Call us today for a free consultation.



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