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Distracted Driving Causes Serious Injuries


Distracted driving is one of the most dangerous things a person can do in a vehicle, but people persist on doing so. If you are involved with an accident where the other driver was distracted, your injuries are likely severe, and you may feel as though you are unable to manage seeking compensation while focusing on recovery. Enlisting an experienced attorney can help shoulder the burden and give you the chance to get your medical bills paid.

Multiple Distractions Exist

Florida has a notoriously poor record when it comes to distracted driving, ranking second to last in 2017, with similarly poor scores in the following years. For whatever reason, Florida drivers are prone to take their attention off the road; manual, cognitive and visual distractions can all work together to cause accidents. While there are many causes of distraction on the road, texting and driving is by far the most common instance of distracted driving, and arguably causes the most fatalities, given that all three types of distractions happen while a person is texting.

In addition to texting, other types of distractions include anything that takes one’s attention away from driving – eating, talking to passengers, adjusting music or your GPS system, and putting on makeup are some of the more common ones. If someone strikes your car while engaged in one of these actions, it is powerful evidence toward establishing negligence on that driver’s behalf. Florida has a no-fault system in place that deals with most auto accidents, but if your injuries are severe, you may be able to file suit against the negligent party as well.

Seeking Compensation

If you are injured by a distracted driver, Florida first requires that you try to get your bills paid by using the personal injury protection (PIP) insurance required by state law. Florida requires that every driver carry at least $10,000 in PIP coverage and $10,000 in property damage liability (PDL), and in the event of an accident, the first thing one should do is to file an insurance claim. That said, if your bills exhaust this coverage, it may still be possible to file suit against the person who injured you.

If your injuries are severe – the law specifies “significant and permanent” loss of function or a limb – Florida law lifts the tort immunity in auto accident cases, allowing you to sue an allegedly negligent driver in court for both economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages are tangible, such as medical bills and lost wages, while non-economic damages are those for which it is harder to find a number – examples include loss of consortium, loss of enjoyment of life, and mental pain and suffering.

Call A Tampa Auto Accident Lawyer

Distracted driving is an activity that no one ever thinks will hurt anyone – but it does, and if that someone is you, it can be a life-changing event. The Tampa car accident attorneys at the Rinaldo Law Group are ready and willing to help guide you through the legal process, and hopefully to get you the compensation you need to keep afloat while you focus on recovery. Call our offices today for a free consultation.





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