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Motorcycle Accidents Do Not Stop In Florida Winters


Snow, ice and cold weather curtail motorcycle riding in most states, as one might imagine. However, in states like Florida, where the weather is generally nice enough to ride year round, there is no great slowdown in traffic, and as such, the rules you need to practice to keep yourself safe apply year round as well. If you are in an accident due to someone else’s negligence, you need to also remember that you may be able to seek compensation for your injuries.

Florida Has High Fatality Rates

For many different reasons, Florida has historically had one of the highest state totals for motorcycle-related deaths each year, with the most recent available data showing 586 motorcyclists killed on Florida roads in 2016. This is the highest total for that year, with California registering 548 deaths and Texas 490. It is not necessarily that Floridians are more reckless on the road, per se; population has something to do with it, especially during periods of the year where tourism is high. Motorcycles are also more common among those who are on a budget; they cost a fraction of what it does to license and fuel an automobile.

Two other major reasons why the accident numbers in Florida remain high are fairly straightforward – many blame the state’s helmet laws, which are lax for those over the age of 21 and do not require riders to wear a helmet. Also, the mere fact that the weather does remain relatively fair year-round will naturally add to the state’s fatality count; other states receive cold weather which means few or no motorcyclists on the road, and therefore those states’ body count has no opportunity to rise.

If You Are Injured

Despite what some drivers would argue, the mere act of motorcycling in winter is not negligent. If you are involved in an accident and are hurt, you may be able to seek compensation for your injuries, in the same manner that you would if the accident happened in summer. While it is possible that you might bear some degree of contributory fault for the accident simply because it happens, nothing about winter weather or temperatures will make any one person more or less negligent under Florida law. It also does not bar your recovery if a jury finds for you at trial.

Every motorist owes a duty to exercise reasonable care on the road. Statistics show the majority of Florida motorcycle accidents happen in urban areas, during daylight, in clear weather conditions – if you also ensure you are as visible as possible, it can be easier to show that the defendant motorist did a poor job of exercising that duty of care. If you can show that your injuries were sustained as a direct result of the defendant’s conduct and not some other superseding cause, you may have a good chance to recover compensation for your medical bills.

Seek Experienced Legal Help Today

Motorcycling is an enjoyable hobby and way of life for many, but it is not without its hazards. If you have been in an accident on Florida roads, contacting a Tampa motorcycle accident lawyer can help you understand what your options are. The Rinaldo Law Group and its dedicated attorneys will work hard toward a satisfactory outcome for you and yours. Call us today for a free consultation.



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