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Seeking Compensation For Florida Burn Injuries


Burn injuries are more common than the average person thinks, and they can be deadly. Even if a person survives the initial incident that causes their burns, they still may require extensive surgery and rehabilitation. If you have sustained burns in an accident that happened because of another person’s negligence, you may be able to seek compensation for the harm you have suffered.

Several Types of Burn Injuries

While most people think of burns as happening due to fire, in reality there are multiple different types of burn injuries that can come from a variety of different situations. Nearly half of all burn patients admitted to Florida hospitals sustained burns due to flame or fire, but roughly one-third sustained scald burns (from hot liquids like coffee or water), and about 10 percent had contact burns, as one gets from touching a stove or other hot object. Other types of burns include chemical and electrical

All of these types of burns can cause long-term damage, depending on how long the accident took – that is, how long a person was being burned – and the degree of harm involved. Third-degree burns will be far more serious than first-degree, and fourth-degree burns are the most serious of all, affecting not only skin, but bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Fourth-degree burns are most likely to require reconstructive surgery, though in theory, any type of burn can lead to long-term care being necessary.

Who Is Liable?

It can sometimes be difficult to determine who should be held liable for your burn injuries, especially if more than one person or entity might have played a role. Keep in mind that if you sustained your burns in an auto accident, you must file a claim with your personal injury protection (PIP) insurer rather than filing suit, unless your injuries are “significant and permanent.” Florida is a ‘no-fault’ state, meaning auto accident claims are usually handled by insurers, rather than in court.

If you were burned in another type of accident, you can usually file a lawsuit against the person or people you believe were negligent, though your ability to recover compensation will depend much more on the specific nature of your accident. For example, if you experience chemical burns from an over-chlorinated public pool, you may be able to seek compensation for eye damage or other injuries sustained, but only if it can be shown that the pool owner or maintainer did not breach the duty of care they owed to the pool’s users. Every matter is different.

Call A Tampa Burn Injury Attorney Today

If you have been burned in an accident, your medical bills are likely very serious, and you will need help to navigate the legal process while trying to recover. The Tampa burn injury attorneys at the Rinaldo Law Group can offer compassionate and experienced representation for you and your family, to help you get the compensation you need to get back on your feet. Contact our offices today for a free consultation.





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