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Tractor-Trailer Hits Overpass In Central Florida


Sometimes, tractor-trailers are so big they surprise even their own drivers. In late February 2023, a tractor-trailer caused damage and delays when it slammed into an overpass on I-75 in Marion County, near Ocala. Debris scattered across the highway, though thankfully no one was injured. Had there been any injuries, it would have posed a unique issue for those seeking compensation.

Direct & Indirect Causes Of Injury

Tractor-trailer accidents are common in Florida, causing a disproportionately high number of injuries and fatalities simply due to the weight of the vehicle (particularly when a tractor-trailer’s cab is full). Some of the most common types of tractor-trailer accidents include jackknife crashes (where the cab and the trailer stop communicating), and what are known as underride crashes (where a car lodges itself underneath a tractor-trailer).

That said, tractor-trailer accidents may also occur due to the indirect conduct of a tractor-trailer’s driver – for example, if anyone was injured in the Ocala overpass accident due to the debris knocked loose by the impact with the tractor-trailer, they would have a plausible claim for damages against the driver (or the driver’s employer, in some cases). If the driver’s actions had not damaged the overpass, no debris would have existed to cause their injuries.

Another Possible Defendant

In addition to filing suit against a truck driver or their employer in the event of an accident, it may also be possible in some situations to seek redress against a governmental entity. If an accident happens due to poor road maintenance, it may mean that the governmental agency responsible for maintaining the roads may be held liable, in addition to the driver or the driver’s employer.

Be advised that Florida observes a doctrine known as sovereign immunity, which insulates the state and its agencies from certain lawsuits seeking damages. However, there are exceptions to sovereign immunity – Florida’s Tort Claims Act allows citizens to sue if they have been injured by a dangerous condition, and in many cases, poor road maintenance can lead to conditions that are dangerous enough to cause injury.

Contact A Tampa Tractor-Trailer Accident Attorney

While no one was injured in the Ocala overpass accident, a future crash might not play out the same way. If you have been injured in an accident with a tractor-trailer, contacting a Tampa truck accident attorney from the Rinaldo Law Group can help to clarify your options going forward. Call our office today for a free consultation.



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