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What documents or evidence should I bring with me the first time I meet my attorney following my Florida car accident?


Your first consultation with an attorney following in a car accident is a very important time for you to get to know your attorney, and determine whether or not that attorney would be a good advocate for your cause. When you arrive at the attorney’s office, try to bring as much of the information that you have concerning the crash. That would be your driver’s license, your health insurance card, your auto insurance card. If you have a claim number of the insurance companies involved, and the contact information for the adjusters, bring that as well. If photographs were taken at the scene of the accident, email those to the attorney before you arrive, or provide them at the consultation. Any information you have concerning the accident would be helpful to the attorney. Keep in mind, though, the attorney has the ability to gather much of this information without your help. If you’re unable to bring the information with you at the time of the first consultation, the information can be gotten later.

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