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What Not To Do After A CMV Accident


Commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) are fairly omnipresent on Florida roads, and with more traffic, unfortunately, comes more accidents. CMVs tend to be larger and heavier than the average passenger car, and if a CMV driver is negligent, it can cause a serious accident, injuries, or death. If you have been involved in an accident with a CMV, it can be difficult to know what to do afterward, but there are actions that can harm you in the long run or even lead to potential legal trouble.

Stay At The Scene!

A commercial motor vehicle (CMV) as defined by Florida law has three major characteristics. It must (1) not be owned by a governmental entity; (2) use “special fuel or motor fuel” on public highways; and (3) weigh at least 26,001 pounds or have at least 3 axles, or both. Federal regulations are a bit more lax – the weight requirement to qualify as a CMV is only 10,001 pounds in most cases – but Florida law usually only confers that classification on the heaviest vehicles.

Because of this weight, accidents involving a CMV have a higher likelihood of causing injury or death. Florida law actually requires a police report to be filed for any crash involving a CMV, even if no visible injuries have occurred. If you are involved in a CMV accident and do not believe any injuries have occurred, it can be tempting to simply drive away (if possible), but doing so will actually open you up to potential criminal charges.

Do Not Talk To Anyone At First

The other major mistake that injured people make is saying too much after the accident. Whether it is by losing their temper due to stress and shame, or admitting fault to the police (ensuring that admission’s inclusion in the police report), providing too much extraneous information can lead to your losing the chance to seek damages from the CMV driver or their employer. This is not to say that any relevant facts should be omitted from the police report – but one can provide facts without comment.

Once you have sought medical care for your injuries, it is a good idea to consult an attorney if you have any questions about how to proceed from there. If you believe that the negligence of the CMV driver was the direct cause of your injuries, you have the right to seek compensation for what you have been through – and you deserve experienced legal help to guide you through the process.

Contact A Tampa CMV Accident Attorney

Accidents involving CMVs have the potential to be dangerous and even deadly, with the weight of the vehicle making these crashes more prone to causing serious injury. If you have been involved in a CMV-related crash, it is important to enlist a Tampa truck accident attorney from the Rinaldo Law Group to ensure that your rights are protected. Contact our office today for a free consultation.



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