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What should I do immediately following a Florida motorcycle accident?


Immediately following your Florida motorcycle accident, you want to make sure that you are safe. Get out of the roadway. Also, make sure that anyone else that may have been involved in the accident is safe. You need to call 911 if there’s injuries, be sure to ask for an ambulance. When the law enforcement officer arrives at the scene, they are trained to collect evidence. You may wish to have someone collect that evidence for you independently. You want to get exchange information for the driver of the other vehicle or vehicles that were involved in the crash. You also want to get contact information for any witnesses to the crash. Photographs are very important when it comes to the pattern of property damage, and also of the roadway, where there’s skid marks or any kind of gouge marks left on the roadway. If, unfortunately, your helmet falls off or a shoe falls off, again, you want to somehow, if possible, document where those items land, because that all goes to proving that the other person was at fault. Often times, the officer does not do a thorough job of investigating the crash. At a minimum, though, you should do your best to get a written report from that person.

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