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What should I look for in hiring an attorney to represent me in my Florida bicycle accident case?


When hiring an attorney in your Florida bicycle accident case, you want to look for four criteria. The first criteria is reputation, you can determine an attorney’s reputation by Googling their name on the internet and reading their reviews. The second thing you’re looking for is whether or not the attorney has experienced in bicycle accident cases, these cases are unique and complex. By going to their website you can determine whether or not they’ve handled the same or similar cases as yours.

The third thing you’re looking for is a giving spirit. Does this attorney have information on their website which can help you to understand your case. For example, is there a free eBook? Is there literature? Are there things that the attorney offers that isn’t going to cost you any money or require any commitment on your behalf.

The final thing you look for is whether or not you have a connection with that attorney. When you retain an attorney you need to meet with that attorney first, don’t meet with their paralegal, don’t meet with the legal assistant, don’t meet with the investigator. You want to meet the attorney that’s going to handle your case, face-to-face, to make an evaluation of whether or not that attorney has the passion to pursue all of your harms and losses from the crash.

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