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Who are the parties I can recover damages from for my injuries in a Florida bicycle accident case?


In a Florida bicycle accident case you can recover damages from any party that was at fault, or caused or contributed to your injuries and losses. These parties can be, for example, the driver of a vehicle, the owner of that vehicle, the employer of the driver of the vehicle if the driver was in the course and scope of their employment at the time of the crash. There also might be a products liability case against the manufacturer of your bike, if it was defective. Perhaps your helmet was defective and as a result, you sustained injuries. Another party that might be responsible would be the party that’s responsible for maintaining the roadway. Was there an object in the roadway that shouldn’t have been there which caused you to crash? Was there a problem with the surface which caused you to crash?

It is important to seek consultation with an experienced attorney in the area of bicycle accidents so that you can determine all of the possible at fault parties and fully recover from your harms and losses.

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